Welcome to St. Cybi's Well

The year is 2012, and the theocratic American "Government of National Unity" has increasing problems both at home and abroad due to its openly racist and hostile policies. Darnell Sidwell, USAF, but on extended detachment to the Israeli moon shuttle program as a pilot, has gone to Wales to visit his sister . . . and to potentially find a miracle cure for the eye disease that threatens to end his career. There, between the American Security Ministry agents following him and an old man who seems to have walked out of myth wanting to recruit him for . . . something . . . Darnell discovers that the world is not nearly as logical or sensible as he always believed.

And then the world-encompassing pandemic flu begins.

Welcome to St. Cybi’s Well, the prequel to the popular novel Communion of Dreams.  It is 2012, a year and reality not unlike our own but neither entirely the same.  Where Communion of Dreams was what you might consider a classic science fiction story (though one with wide appeal outside that genre), St. Cybi’s Well is something . . . different.

It's part travelogue, showcasing the beauty that is Wales.  In fact, there's a Google Map linked there on the left which highlights each of the chapter locations and other important places in the book.  It's part metaphysical journey, exploring Welsh mythology.  It's part political commentary, examining our reality through the lens of fiction.  And, by fate or chance, it's also partly a reflection of what it is like to live through the world wide fire-flu pandemic that makes up the back story of Communion of Dreams while experiencing our own Covid-19 pandemic.  But, in the end, I think you'll agree that it's all science fiction.

The hare above is a laser-inscribed copy of the symbol of the St. Melangell Center in Wales.

St Cybi's Well is available in Kindle format and as a paperback through Amazon.  Please note:  I make the novel available for free download on the first of each month, so that anyone who cannot afford the cost of it or who is unsure if they will like it can still enjoy it. But I ask that if you get the book for free, please *do* leave a review of it. And if you get it, and like it, and can afford it, please give a paid copy to someone else as a gift. That way it benefits both of us.

If you would like a signed copy, those are also available.  In addition, there are a limited number of hand-bound Special Edition bindings available for collectors.  As a private book conservator and book artist with 30 years experience, I have created these myself.  Full information is available in the "Special Offers" link on the left.

As noted, this is the prequel to Communion of Dreams.  If you've not read either book, I would suggest starting with this one, though they can be read in either order.  But regardless, I hope you enjoy St Cybi's Well.

--   Jim Downey